LTBC started as a Christmas present idea for my mother, who unabashedly geeks out about all things fiber arts. I was poor and rocks were free so the gift idea seemed like a win-win. My mother posted a picture of her gift on a crocheting community on Facebook and the photo grew so much buzz around it that I couldn’t help but start to envision a small business. About a year later, I was up and running.

LTBC is passionate about local goods and small business. We want our buttons to inspire you in your personal craft and be a quality addition to any handmade good. Lake Superior has so much beauty to appreciate and our buttons are one small way to incorporate that beauty into product.

Looking forward, LTBC hopes to partner with other local artisans and crafters in the Duluth community to support the Duluth local goods scene and provide finished goods with a piece of Lake Superior to tourists and locals alike.