About Me:
As I move through life I am realizing more and more my passion for creativity.
More than anything else, the opportunity to create is the energy behind my work
as a photographer, an entrepreneur, a coach, a writer and a musician. I had long
discounted my creative efforts as I have not been formally trained as an artist or
a writer. The recent additions of “creative” and “maker” to our vernacular have
opened my eyes and I fully embrace these new identities!

What Inspires Me:
The beauty of our natural world and the opportunity to express my joy of being a
part of it.

What Does My Creative Process Look Like:
Paying attention. I rarely set out to take a photo or write a story or song. Rather,
I pay attention to the beauty around me as well as my emotions and thoughts.
Sometimes a melody arises. The material is always there – the key is to pay

How I Got Started in My Craft:
I have always enjoyed taking pictures but really dove into nature photography
when I got my first digital camera in 2005. I spent a lot of time on the shore and
trails surrounding Lake Superior with my yellow lab Bjorn and always made sure I
had my camera with me.

What Sustains My Passion:
My creative passion is what keeps me going. So, to sustain it, I keep using it. If I
am ever feeling a little funky or unmotivated, I reach for a creative project to get
recharged. It always does the trick!

What Makes My Product Local and Why is That Important:
Almost all of my photos were taken on the trails and shore surrounding Lake
Superior. I also assemble my own cards and hand-write the title of the photo on
the back of the card. I share a life-long love of Lake Superior and the North
Shore with many and my photography expresses this.

My Favorite Color:
Hmmmm – depends on the context! It’s really too hard for me to pick just one.
The combination of colors in my North Shore Rocks collection speaks most to my
heart and soul.

My Favorite Place in the Twin Ports:
The beach at Park Point, as far from the crowds as I can get.

How I would Like to Grow or Learn This Year:
To continue to embrace and express my creative spirit.