Jewelry designer, Miles Schoen is intrigued by materials and design processes that blur the lines of traditional. Known for his elegant lines and simple design, Miles works in a medium long forgotten by our exceedingly “fast food” era; namely, silverware.

“The once gracefully set dining table is quickly being replaced by paper plates on TV trays. With this phase change, so to have we retired grandmas Sterling Silver tableware sets. My ambition is to reinvigorate the beauty that remains in these long-forgotten heirlooms.”

Through his artistic eye and patient forming techniques, Miles draws out modern designs from these relics of the past. Testament to this transformed beauty shows in his spoon bowl earrings, fork tine necklaces, and salt & pepper shaker jewelry.

“Finally, a piece of silverware you won’t mind polishing! Flatware jewelry, fit for a gallery.”

Handmade in Duluth, MN.