Lanae is into skincare in a big way. About 12 years ago she had terrible skin and needed to figure out what was going on. Then a friend gave her  a bar of handmade soap and changed the course of her life. Because if soap  can be handmade then she can make it. That led to learning how to make every other body product you can imagine. Her repertoire includes soaps, lotions, makeup, scrubs, facial products, and essential oils. Most importantly she learned that most of her skin problems came from the synthetics and chemicals contained in most skincare, so everything Lanae makes is natural and if possible organic or wildcrafted, scented with essential oils instead of those synthetic perfumes and scent blends.

Makeup joined the party in 2013. She was trying to find the perfect eyecolor and it just wasn’t happening. She looked at the ingredients and realized those were all products she used to color soaps. So why not try creating her own perfect color? She did! And why not let all her wonderful customers and friends create their own perfect color as well? You can!