Craig Bruce is from Eau Claire, WI. He moved to Superior so he could attend UWS. He tried a pottery class taught by Jim Grittner a teacher who inspired and provoked him and ended up graduating with a degree in pottery in 1991. Pottery has been a central to his life. He loves that he can now be part of a history and variety that stretches back thousands of years. History and function serve as his inspiration.

Craig is humbled by the thought of someone eating or drinking from one of his creations. It makes him realize that he can have a daily “conversation” with each of those people and perhaps influence their day in a positive way. Each day before he reaches the studio he begins to plan what he will create that day. As he prepares the clay he can think about what it will become; perhaps today it is a mug. He makes no sketches, but as he imagines what he will make he begins to draw it on the clay and then form it on the wheel as he is meditating on what this clay will become. After creating perhaps 15-25 mugs he reemerges into the physical world refreshed.

Craig continues making pottery because he never knows what will happen when that creation comes out of the kiln. Most of the time he is satisfied with his work, sometimes disappointed and on occasion it has been transformed and improved into something beyond his control or expectation.

The privilege of living by Lake Superior and this wild place has ingrained itself into his bones and feels deeply satisfying. He is connected to this community and educated in its beauty. So he can thrive and continue to create what he imagines as he is hiking the Lake Superior Hiking trails or riding his bike in the woods. He will continue to push his limits as he makes new pottery this year and deepens his connection to his process.