Amethyst has been sewing for over 10 years. She was always interested in running her own business. As she found her art she started on her fiber journey. She enjoys making clothing and one of a kind fiber art. She is inspired by the sacred geometry of nature in things like rainbows and the lake as well as one of a kind articles of clothing. This love of original clothing began in high school with homecoming and prom. She thought girls spent too much on dresses and gowns. She created her own dresses for these events and never stopped. Seeing the finished product and knowing each change the piece went through on its journey sustains her passion and keeps her creating.

Every piece of clothing is handmade at her home studio in Superior. This helps reduce the carbon footprint that clothes usually have on the environment. Her clothes go from raw fabric (mostly organic cotton and hemp) to beautiful clothing, to your closet without all the extra travel in between. Her favorite colors to work with are brown and black, but as you can see she loves to play with all colors.

As she spends time by the Lake to refresh her spirit she dreams of new designs, supporting women through her skill as a doula and seeing her sewing business take shape.