We started as a Farmers Market at UMD in 1999. The University decided to make Market 2016 the last season. With that decision we needed to find other ways to showcase our local artisans. And through that loss Market Day was born. We are an artists/growers cooperative of over 15 unique artists, makers and farmers.

As we continued to explore what we could become together Market Day: Something Local began envisioning an interactive, artisan co-op. We desire that the people of the Twin Ports and surrounding areas will be able to take part in the support and process of creating local art; whether it is through the purchase of locally made goods offered through the shop or by taking a class and becoming a part of the process themselves.

In the summer we will have the opportunity to host local farmers and growers in our shop. So our hope is that you will take the opportunity to explore the organic produce available each day of our growing season. As we expand we hope to include more than one farmer each day and even offer home baked goodies, candies and preserves.

We want you to see the artisans at work in our open workshop, or sign up to take a class in whichever discipline excites you. There is so much talent and so many opportunities that you don’t want to let pass you by as we live in this enchanted place by Lake Superior.

Come visit us to meet some local artisans or support those who work hard to create unique and beautiful things inspired by the place we live.